How the Industrial Revolution Changed Making Candles

Old Ways of Making Candles

Before the big changes, making candles was tough work. People did it by hand, dipping wicks in hot wax over and over. This took a long time and made candles expensive.

Big Changes in Candle Making

New Stuff for Making Candles

During the Industrial Revolution, things changed. People found better materials like stearin, a type of fat. It made brighter and longer-lasting candles.

Making Lots of Candles Quickly

Machines started doing the hard work. They made candles way faster than before. These machines could shape candles without using hands, so more candles were made in less time.

Enter Paraffin Wax

There was a new ingredient in town: paraffin wax. It came from petroleum and was great for making candles. It burned clean and didn’t smell bad. Plus, it was cheap, so more people could afford candles.

What This Meant for People

Easier to Get Candles

With machines and cheaper materials, candles became easier to find and cheaper to buy. People could use candles for light, for ceremonies, and to decorate their homes.

Big Business and More Trade

The folks making candles started making lots more and selling them to more places. This made the candle business big and also meant candles were shipped to more countries.

New Tech and Environmental Ideas

Better Lights Show Up

As machines made more things, new lights like gas and electric lights became popular. These new lights were competition for candles, but they also pushed for better candles.

Thinking About the Environment

Some new candles used petroleum, which isn’t great for the environment. This got people thinking about making candles in ways that were better for the Earth, like using soy or beeswax.

What’s Around Today

Old Meets New

Even with all the changes, people still make candles using old ways. Some folks like special candles made by hand or made with natural things.

Modern Candle-Making

Nowadays, there are so many types of candles. Some smell nice, some are pretty, and some are used for relaxing or feeling better.

Wrapping Up

The Industrial Revolution changed how candles were made, making them faster and cheaper. It brought new materials and machines, but also made people think about making candles in ways that were better for the environment. Today, we’ve got a mix of old-style candle making and lots of modern options to light up our lives.

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